Peugeot werkt aan elegantere ontwerpen in de interieurarchitectuur.

Peugeot werkt aan elegantere ontwerpen in de interieurarchitectuur.

Het interieur van de Peugeot 208 en 2008 en een nieuw ontwerp van de transmissie komen eraan:

The PEUGEOT 208, the European leader in its segment in 2021, and the SUV 2008, the segment leader, are surrounded by an attractive new gearshift design combined with greater ergonomics. While the new design hardware goes well with the center console, the panel with specially designed buttons looks very stylish and functional.

While the popular models of the French brand 208 and SUV were introduced in 2008 with an interior that combines ergonomics, comfort and luxury, they put the finishing touches with a new transmission design. The new transmission design, which controls the fully automatic EAT8 gearbox, which is characterized by smooth and comfortable gear shifts, creates more space in the center console with its efficient and modern design.

The 208 and 2008 SUV models offer a mix of integration, technology and ergonomics, a new transmission design in line with the PEUGEOT 3D i-Cockpit environment, a combination of satin chrome for wrist rest, piano black and carbon look finishes. quality to the next level. manages to enter the classroom.

In the new gear design, gear selection is made with a small control switch instead of the joystick design. A stylish indicator light will illuminate to let you know which feature is enabled. The selected function can also be monitored from the instrument panel. In addition, all 208 and SUV 2008 versions with the new transmission design are equipped with an electric parking brake, which saves space and increases comfort in daily use.ü

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