Mercedes-Benz presenteert de gebogen G-Klasse concept:

Mercedes-Benz presenteert de gebogen G-Klasse concept:

Mercedes staat bekend om zijn samenwerkingen met kunstenaars en modehuizen.

So it's no surprise that the automaker is collaborating with apparel and accessories company Moncler. The result is a rather unusual concept based on the G-Class, which was unveiled at London Fashion Week on February 20.

Mercedes has released a series of teasers for what it calls a "unique work of art" on its German press site. While they are really vague, the two reveal the connection with the Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

The automaker was tight-lipped about details, but said the collaboration "opens up an imaginary universe that embraces the brands' shared values." This confirms that the G-Class will not be a functional SUV but a work of art combining design elements from Mercedes and Moncler.

The man behind the project is Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer of the entire Mercedes-Benz group that has made his mark on the concept. The official debut will take place as part of the Moncler Art of Genius live show during London Fashion Week, and the event will also be streamed online.


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